Every industry is faced with huge challenges in today’s competitive marketplace. A strong corporate identity and commitment to appearance can help to fend off competition through increased brand recognition, which improves customer loyalty.


You can’t achieve this without a capable and dedicated uniform supplier, which is why SCC prides itself on the bespoke design service it offers to all of our partners.

With a key understanding of both commercial and corporate fashion, our team will work with you to reinvent a corporate identity through improved or newly designed, contemporary uniforms without compromising on performance.

This process is usually followed by a sampling exercise and wearer trial to ensure that our partners are comfortable with any new uniform range.


Commitment to our partners continues throughout this development phase, past the launch of a new uniform and into the logistics of distributing the garments to employees.

We always aim to deliver products that you are proud to wear.

Attention to Detail


Our network of suppliers will translate newly designed/ improved ranges into physical samples to assist in the decision making process.

Wearer Trials

Performance is just as important as design and appearance and therefore we encourage our partners to trial new ranges amongst employees. Their feedback is integral and will dictate our next steps.


SCC is always on hand to support our partners during the launch of a new uniform to ensure a seamless transition.

It is the passion of our dedicated design team to create uniform ranges that encompass the logo, values and industry standards of our partners.

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